Clever stuff – happy babies

One of the most expensive purchases we made as new parents to be was the travel system. I had to google ‘buggies for dummies’ during my pregnancy as I didn’t know my pushchairs from my prams – I certainly didn’t know what a travel system was. To my naive pre-baby self, you got some sort of contraption to push them around in and that was it!

To anyone as clueless as I was – don’t despair. A travel system combines everything you need – a car seat, a pram and a pushchair, all of which click into the same chassis. This proves really useful as you can transport baby easily from birth til a few years old.

We knew a travel system was the way to go for us. What we didn’t realise was how saturated the market was! We walked into Mothercare and stood dumbfounded at the enormous display of travel systems at every price point imaginable. Surely we didn’t need to spend thousands of pounds to take our baby out?!

I was instantly drawn to the Cosatto range. Bright, colourful and unique – it stood out instantly in the sea of grey and black.

Their motto ‘Clever stuff happy babies’ inspired me. I had no idea that Cosatto worked so closely with top researchers to help our little ones develop and learn just by looking at the unique patterns on their pushchair!

We were amazed at how light the Cosatto range was. Even heavily pregnant and increasingly weak me could pick up, fold and manoeuvre each one. My special awareness is the absolute worst – even supermarket trolleys can defeat me – so having a tiny turning circle, and quick, simple folding mechanism that I could work out without assistance was amazing!

We decided on the Wow, chose the gorgeous rainbow bright ‘Spectroluxe’ and rejoiced in having made the choice so easy.

Baby R was born, and a couple of days later I finally felt ready to venture out. A short (ouchy) walk close to home was all I could manage, but my smile couldn’t have been bigger on that cold January day as I proudly showed off our bright pram!

The Wow is INCREDIBLE. Every detail of being a new mum has been thought of and attended to. There is loads of room in the bottom for all those necessities you can’t possibly leave the house without (my change bag is stuffed full). The sturdy chassis travels well even over quite rough ground such as parks. You can remove the wheels to wash them if they get caked in mud (a regular occurrence in this cold wet winter!). The mattress inside is comfortable, and babies can sleep in it safely for the duration of any outing. We have even used it overnight when staying with family. Baby R loves looking at the high contrast patterns in the hood, and I can’t wait to use it to teach her colours. The motivational messages such as ‘dream big’ inside the hood reassure me that Cosatto cares as much about my baby’s future as I do.

Once Baby R is big enough, we can replace the lie flat pram with the pushchair. We foolishly didn’t purchase the footmuff at the same time as everything else, and as a result it sold out. I rang the Cosatto helpline in desperation, and the attentive customer service helped me out – within minutes we had a suitable alternative shipping out. Like the rest of the travel system, it arrived the very next day!

The travel seat is also absolutely brilliant. Safe and sturdy, with a newborn insert and easily adjustable straps, I know that Baby R is snug and comfortable in it. It is light weight so can be carried on its own, or clips quickly into the chassis or isofix base.

The only thing I would say is that the car seat buckle can sometimes be slightly tricky with a wriggling baby – but it is soon mastered!

In conclusion, the Cosatto Wow really does live up to ‘clever stuff happy babies’, and I couldn’t recommend it strongly enough to any parents to be!

What travel system did you choose to buy? Were you happy with your choice?

Disclaimer: I researched and paid for my Cosatto Wow myself, so all views are completely my own.

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